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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Shiseido, you need to know what it is!

My first encounter with Shiseido Cosmetics was in February. I had a makeup artist (Kira) come for my photo shoot by Military Spouse Magazine. The makeup was FLAWLESS! I fell in love instantly. It made my skin look so much YOUNGER. All the products from skin care to lipstick was AWESOME. I have fallen in love with these products. The makeup artist gave me a sample of the products and I tell you it was GREAT. Then in our MSOY Luncheon Swag bags (thanks Military Spouse Magazine) we got more Shiseido products. I was SO THRILLED! I wish I had more opportunities to get made up for photo shoots. I am telling you they sell these products at the PX on base, I am not sure where else but WOW..I suggest if you want to feel and look younger go and try them! The picture in the pink shirt was when I had my first makeover~! Her name was Kira she did a GREAT job with my eyes! The makeup changed me from drab to FAB!

The picture in blue shirt was when I had my interview with ABC Channel 11! She gave me two different looks, I really liked the lipstick in the PINK shirt.

They have age defying products, everything you can imagine they have it. http://www.sca.shiseido.com/

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  1. You look beautiful. I'm going to have to check the products out. I always love finding new beauty products.


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